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Driveway Basics Care & Maintenance. Quick Tips, Article. 1 May 14, 2012

May 22, 2012 -- editor

Quick Tips, Article. 1 May 21, 2012

Driveway Basics Care & Maintenance 101

Your driveway can enhance or deter your homes curb appeal.  As a homeowner we understand that you want your investment to last.  Therefore, Isaacson Concrete & Excavating has prepared a list of driveway maintenance care tips so you will be satisfied with your driveway's performance. 

  • Don't drive on your new driveway for 28 days.
  • Do apply sealant when the surface is dry and clean.
  • Do apply sealant twice annually (Follow manufacturer's instructions.)

Illinois is a severe weather region with fluctuating hi and low temperatures which directly impact your driveways durability.

Winter Care

  • Do keep your driveway cleared in winter months.
  • Don't allow snow and ice to accumulate on your driveway.
  • Don't use de-icers containing salt, calcium chloride, ammonium sulfate, and ammonium nitrate; this includes fertilizers.
  • Do use clean sand on snow and ice in place of de-icers.

Spring Care

  • Do make sure that your gutters and other drain water is redirected away from your driveway.
  • Do remove lawn system fertilizers off driveway before it gets saturated.
  • Don't power wash your driveway.
  • Do use a hose and broom for cleaning.


Articles from Isaacson Concrete & Excavating, LLC are used for informational purposes only.  Please consult a local professional for driveway questions and concerns.

Note every driveway, stoop, and sidewalk will react differently to the elements.  You may have delivered all of the criteria mentioned and still experience driveway imperfections.  This is expected when using organic aggregate material along with extreme temperature fluctuations experienced in the Midwest.