Who We Are

Our History - 1963 to present

In 1986 Dave Isaacson was given the opportunity, by Dennis 'Hap' Anderson of The Anderson Companies (established in 1963), to expand Hap's business into the Bloomington-Normal area. Upon leaving Davenport, IA with a small crew, Dave Isaacson introduced cast-in-place foundations to established builders in the Bloomington/Peoria/Champaign areas where block basements were the standard in new home construction. The excitement of Isaacson's poured basements and one-stop-shop process quickly became the norm. As a result of Dave's marketing success, he agreed to purchase this division of The Anderson Companies and Isaacson Construction, Inc. was born.


Upon the inception of Isaacson Construction, Inc. Central Illinois had the first Excavating and Concrete business to offer a one-stop-shop. Now everything a builder needed from blue print recommendations, to excavating, hauling dirt, to pouring the foundation and finishing flatwork could be done with one call. Over 23 years the Isaacson family and crews have installed more than 10,000 cast-in-place foundations perfecting this "start to finish" process model that Isaacson customers trust to their projects' success.




Philosophy Vision & Mission Statement

Isaacson Concrete & Excavating was established in 2007, originally known as Isaacson Construction, Inc. which was created more than twenty years ago.  Isaacson Concrete & Excavating created a vision statement built on the family's tradition of excellence with the intent to carry the business forward into the future.  The Isaacson Vision is as follows: "Isaacson Concrete & Excavating will be a financially secure company of high integrity that provides exceptional quality products and services through a well organized, motivated, and driven team of skilled, trusted, and experienced leaders and workforce who are dedicated and committed to excellence."


Twenty years ago Isaacson Construction, Inc. distinguished itself by developing a "start to finish" process model for its concrete and excavating services that still applies today.   Isaacson Construction's President and Founder, David E. Isaacson, had a vision of quality when he started Isaacson Construction in 1986 and the company grew based on that vision.  Today Isaacson Concrete & Excavating, LLC is now lead proudly by the 2nd generation with the same unprecedented momentum set by its predecessor.  The mission of Isaacson Concrete and Excavating is being the trustworthy industry leader by providing the highest quality products and services from "start to finish" in a timely manner to our customers through strong partnerships with our skilled, trusted, and experienced leaders and workforce.



Defining Values, created & defined by Isaacson Employees:

Isaacson Concrete & Excavating, LLC - Dedicated and Committed to Excellence


  1. Community Community is the satisfaction in helping others by using our skills, talents, and financial resources.
  2. Loyalty Loyalty is the ability to stay committed through thick and thin.
  3. Dependability We want to be the most dependable organization by demonstrating consistent performance and follow through.
  4. Trustworthiness Trustworthiness is earned through honesty, integrity, and proven results.
  5. People People are valued for their loyalty, skills, and contributions to the organization, community, and family.
  6. Unification Unification is formed when individuals work together for the realization of a common goal.
  7. Service Service is about staying committed to meet and exceed expectations.
  8. Financial Stability Financial stability is necessary to create consumer confidence and long term employment growth and opportunity that can withstand an economic downturn.
  9. Goal Oriented/Driven Goals keep you focused on an end result whether it be a short or long term time period.  To be driven is to have guts, motivation, & determination to reach those goals.
  10. Creativity Creativity is the generation of new ideas to improve current processes and to create new ones for the betterment of the whole - A reminder not to get stuck in our ways.
  11. Persistence Persistence is a state of mind that you 'don't give up'.
  12. Communication Communication is important because it allows for a clear understanding of another's point of view and offers consistent feedback that prevents misinterpretation.
  13. Being Solution Oriented Being solution oriented allows one to consider other peoples perspectives and defeats negativity.
  14. Quality Workmanship Quality workmanship is when a company sets and enforces the highest standards at all levels of the organization where everyone is free to do there absolute best.
  15. Progressiveness Progressiveness is the continuous action that takes a proactive approach to planning, implementing, and executing business strategies with an open mindedness that produces great performance.
  16. Happiness & Fun Happiness & fun is the accumulation of good that associates people's attitudes & behaviors both within and outside the organization by motivating, encouraging, and helping one another.
  17. Teamwork Teamwork is about respecting each other's differences and has a significant effect when used to bridge gaps by identifying what matters most.  It means having a 'we are all in this together' attitude that builds confidence and support for each other.  
  18. Flexibility To be flexible is to have the awareness of and the ability to change and expand our views when necessary to improve business practices.
  19. Adaptability Adaptability is the capability to modify and adjust to new business environments and conditions.
  20. Respect Respect is cultivated by creating an atmosphere of openness and shared responsibility.
  21. Efficiency Efficiency is achieved when combining good planning, organization, proper training, and experience.
  22. Learning Learning is an ongoing process that evokes good judgment and moves us beyond conventional wisdom and conformity.





Community is the number one value of Isaacson Concrete & Excavating as we receive satisfaction in helping others by using our skills, talents, and financial resources to reach out and make a difference.  Our organization takes pride in the time and effort put forth in sponsoring and supporting many events within our community. 


To start, Isaacson's has contributed and/or participated in the following ways in our community: volunteering for and donating to Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude, Day of the Dozer(Community Cancer Foundation), sponsored by, Brady Homes, Hot August Nights Hospice Care, McLean County Autism Society, United Way, Child Safety Program, sponsored by, Bloomington Policemen's Association. 


We are thankful for our employees who proudly uphold these values. 



Industry Affiliations

Concrete Foundation Association: www.cfaconcretepros.org

Home Builders Association of Greater Peoria: www.peoriahba.com

Home Builders Association of East Central Illinois: www.hbaeci.com

Mclean County Chamber of Commerce: www.mcleancochamber.org

Better Business Bureau: www.bbb.org

LICA - Land Improvement Contractors of America: https://www.licanational.com

EnviroSheild, LLC:  www.enviroshield.com